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scrap metal

scrap metal form my shop.

Location: 100 market street, san diego, ca

Posted by: testuser101

Posted on: Aug. 23, 2017

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Location: slj flaksd f

Posted by: charlestingle

Posted on: Jul. 19, 2017

Broken car-window glass

Available every morning on side streets off of International. Bring your own broom and dust pan.

Location: Oakland, CA

Posted by: theyoungsteve

Posted on: Jul. 19, 2017

Enough dog hair to knit a sweater for your dog

I have soooooo much of this. Seasonably available (Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Really, someone needs to take this.)

Location: Wichita, KS

Posted by: theothersteve

Posted on: Jul. 19, 2017

30 lbs of fish scales

Great substitute for glitter. Biodegradable.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Posted by: dadkilledJFK

Posted on: Jul. 19, 2017

Madrone bark

Freshly peeled. Mostly heaped. Some of it is more piled than heaped. And some that is not piled or heaped is slightly mounded.

Location: Burlington, VT

Posted by: dadsDILF

Posted on: Jul. 19, 2017

Corn husks

Most of the earwigs have left for yellower pastures, though there might be a few stragglers.

Location: Boise, ID

Posted by: familybiz

Posted on: Jul. 19, 2017

Mattresses. Lots and lots of mattresses.

I can't make any guarantees regarding bedbugs. But if you are willing to run a hair-dryer over everything for a few hours, I hear that bedbugs can't tolerate heat.

Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Posted by: iwasanomineequestionmark

Posted on: Jul. 19, 2017

Barn lumber

2000 square feet. Mostly floorwood.

Location: Boston, MA

Posted by: humanlast

Posted on: Jul. 19, 2017

Almond husks

Hundreds of cubic yards. Could be used for animal bedding. Might be a good soil amendment?. You'll have to come pick it up yourself, but I should be in-supply for a long time with all this husk laying around.

Location: Long Beach, CA

Posted by: melissa

Posted on: Jul. 19, 2017